Journey to India is invaluable experience for any person who is fond of music. While most tourists strive to visit one of the oldest countries of the world to see the famous Taj Mahal, tea plantations and splendid palaces in Delhi, music lovers pilgrim on other routes.

Anyway almost all of them lead to Goa – a wonderful place which has a lot of legends. The former Portuguese colony on the ocean coast, Goa was always a separate World. Electronic music owes much to this state (by the way, the smallest in India). It’s not a secret that psytrance originates from here, its lovers still gather on beaches of Goa where they spend their crazy big raves.

By the way, one of the villages on Goa is called Anjuna. Anjunabeats popular label founded by Above & Beyond British dance trio at the end of the 90s was named in its honor. This trio, as well as Shpongle Band, still gives its concerts in India.

But not just trance is popular. Few people know that ageless acid house was invented in India too. Some years later the critics found records of the local music legend Charanjit Singh who mixed traditional Indian ragas with European electronic disco and cyclic loops of synthesizer TR-808 producing the known acid-sound in 1982.

The modern Indian youth examines everything that happens on the world electronic stage. Large international music conferences and festivals mostly take place in Mumbai and Delhi. India is transforming in to one of the most promising cultural center of Asia. It’s worth mentioning that Resident Advisor website made a documentary film about the phenomenal popularity of techno music in India and the local stage several years ago.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the local stage is so diverse and how much it differs from our usual musical environment in Europe. Especially performances of Israeli musician Yogev Haruvi in famous Ash Club in Arambol and Tetouze and Yaroslava Band in my favorite place Totem stuck in my memory. Yogev’s sound seemed interesting for me. Playing a lot of instruments skillfully, he created some exotic mixture of techno trance and oriental music. It was very cool and unique.

By the way, I could surprise local people as well. I visited a famous night market in Vagator – a sort of a night market where a lot of party goers gather. An extemporary DJ’s set was a surprise. The audience liked my music, making me confident before my performance in Cirrus Club on Goa.