Voyage to India has enabled me to better understand a longtime undeniable truth: only having passed thousands of kilometers for the purpose of performance and finding oneself among absolutely new people, one can entirely understand what a powerful and universal language the music is. Definitely, each artist must feel it in his own experience.

There is a plenty of reasons to be worried before coming to the scene. And it is quite justified. A blind belief in their own material often plays a malicious trick with DJs and musicians. We all are very different. And if you get a rousing welcome in one city, it does guarantee that you will not suffer a complete failure in a neighboring city.

Fortunately, in my case everything went in the best way possible. Performance in Cirrus club in Goa will be long remembered! The party took place the 13th January, and sensations are still fresh in memory. Local audience is very friendly and is largely similar to those whom I often meet in my favorite places in Ukraine. As it seems to me, the only difference is that in India more people come to clubs not only to dance, but also to listen to the set of invited DJ. Though, it is just my personal experience.

In this regard it is necessary to recognize that I was very lucky in finding a good promoter who organized the performance in Cirrus. The lad’s name is Iggy, he is a DJ, an owner of two clubs and of the vinyl label Gandu. Iggy plays only from the vinyl and promotes high-quality music in his country in every way. I was really impressed by his enthusiasm and passion for creative work.

Coming home, I reflected that such lads as Iggy assure the future of the music which I like. They follow traditions of the European stage, they arrange contacts with it, but introduce into the electronic music a plenty of new colors. This interest has become mutual in recent years. Close collaboration of German and English producers with musicians form the Asia produce many bright, original releases.

One cannot but see a new trend in it. For example, let us remember the recent album of Damian Lazarus, the owner of Crosstown Rebels, with The Ancient Moons group; experiments of the lads from Modeselektor on their own label Monkeytown Records; the music of remarkable DJ Mehmet Aslan or Indian-Berliner producer Pawas.

Subsequent to a splash of interest for the music from the Latin America, which came with Ricardo Villalobos, Cadenza label and Matthias Aguayo, something new is about to arrive. This time – from the East. But will the world guess mystery of the Asian sole? Here is a main musical intrigue of tomorrow.