A person who loves music is able to feel, hear and understand a lot of fine, subtle vibrations that make our emotions, feelings and memories. Where a word ends — the sound begins. Like a universal language, standing above the intellect and prejudice that is the sound (or rather the melody), which is able to convey all of the experiences that bring together millions of people around the world.

For me, the love of music — is not just an expectable choice, the tool for achievement desired goals or new opportunity. First of all, it is the key to cognition myself, given by someone from above. It is no coincidence that in musical terms we can find words like «harmony» or «motive». Beautiful musical harmony makes any composition complete and attractive. Exactly the same effect is produced on others by strong, mature and bright people, who achieve inner harmony, which means complete unity with their own desires and motives of actions.

My motives are dictated by the constant wish to learn the world and to refine myself, emphasizing the vivid thrills of new discoveries from favorite music, which is always with me as a faithful partner. Therefore, recording new mixes, releasing tracks or presenting DJ sets at the party, I `m not just sharing favorite tracks from my large collection, but in such manner I fully express myself.

I try to please and surprise my audience and tell them my own story in which love and music are so closely linked that sometimes it is simply impossible to divide these concepts.

In the thoughts about this, my new mix called «Love & Music» was born. It started as a sincere declaration of love of music, of my favorite rhythms and tracks the most significant artists. But in the process of creating this mix has become something greater. And today, I clearly understand what it is: a declaration of love to all those people, who believe in me and inspire me every day.